Thursday, June 16, 2011

The end... and the beginning

Today ended another school year. Funny how our little world revolves around that sun. Our calendars defined by that revolution.

And then summer arrives, and time,

Everything stops spinning. Evenings are not pressured by homework and projects and making dinner just so I can get lunches ready for tomorrow. Getting to bed is not followed by the words "on time." In fact "on time" is a phrase that begins to disappear from our vocabulary... or in our house the phrase "... or your going to be late."

What a sweet night this first night of summer is. It's seven o'clock, the shadows are growing longer and the light is making the ripe oranges glow. I'm waiting for the parrots to fly squawking across the sky to tell me it's dinner time.

All this, until Monday when Maia begins summer school at too damn early am. At least we'll have August (and part of July)...

What do you love about the beginning of summer?

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